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Working towards a net zero film and television industry

Why us

Charged Locations was set up with the aim of supplying a green power alternative to the UK film & television industry. The team behind it have over 20 years’ experience in the Locations Department of major TV and film productions, providing an unrivalled knowledge of the industry and its power requirements. We will ensure that your demands for a safe, clean and reliable supply of green electricity are met at a fair and transparent cost.

Learn how our battery powered solutions can advance your route to a net zero production

Click here for a full breakdown on how to operate the product

Why batteries...

We believe that batteries offer the best alternative to a traditional fossil fuel based power supply. Here's why...

100% emission free Put your business in the forefront of the transition to a greener future

Modular designWe can add or remove battery storage depending on your specifications. Why pay for equipment that isn’t necessary

Truly silent power Park the generator wherever suits you - without upsetting your location owners, neighbours or local authorities

Contact us

50 Peabody Cottages, Rosendale Road, London, SE24 9DW


M: 07834228526

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